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Office Policies

Prescription Refills:

If you use a local pharmacy, contact your pharmacy directly for refills (even if your bottle says you have no refills). The pharmacy will fax a form to our office and Dr. McAllister will review your chart and determine if refills are necessary. Contact your pharmacy at least 3 days before you will run out of medicine, this will give the pharmacy and Dr. McAllister time to review and process your request.


If you use a mail order pharmacy and recieve 3 month supplies of your medication, please contact your pharmacy at least 2 weeks before you run out of medication.


No refills will be given if you have not been seen within the last 12 months.


Addictive Medications:

Dr. McAllister is a Family Practice doctor who is also a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist. It is our office policy and philosophy that the following medications are generally not prescribed, due to their addictive nature:


Ambien/Zoldipem    Ativan   Butalbital    Dalmane   Darvocet   Darvon Demerol   Dilaudid  Duragesic    Esgic   Fioricet    Fiorinal    Halcion    Hydrocodone     Klonopin/Clonazepam      Librium     Lortab   Lunesta   Morphine   MS Contin  Norco  Oxycodon  Oxycontin   Restoril   Percocet    Percodan   Phenobarbital    Serax    Soma    Sonata    Tamezepam   Tranxene  Tramadol    Tylenol w/codeine    Tylox    Ultram    Ultracet        Vicodin    Valium    Xanax


*** As new medications are created, this list may not be complete.



If there is a medication that you take that you think she may not prescribe, call our office and check before your appointment. In general, this list of medications are used to treat conditions such as: chronic pain, anxiety,  fibromyalgia, insomnia, weight loss, and attention deficit disorders. In most cases, there are alternative methods of treating these conditions, different medications that can be used, or underlying problems that can be diagnosed and treated to alleviate the problem. Situations in your health may arise where such medications may be warranted and prescribed by Dr. McAllister, however they will not be prescribed long term.


Missed Appointments:

Due to the small size of your practice, a missed appointment has great impact. If you do not keep your appointment, another patient who is not feeling well could have taken that appointment time. Our policy is to charge for missed appointments that have not been canceled within 12 hours. These charges will be your responsibilty and will be billed directly to you. You can contact our office, even after hours and on weekends to cancel your appointment by leaving a message with our answering service. If you fail to show up for 3 or more appointments, the doctor may discharge your from our practice. If you fail your initial new patient appointment, you will not be rescheduled.


Health Information:

Our office complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information; the HIPAA Security Rule, which sets national standards for the security of electronic protected health information; and the confidentiality provisions of the Patient Safety Rule, which protect identifiable information being used to analyze patient safety events and improve patient safety. A written description of these rules called Notice of Privacy Practices is available and posted in our office. Please request your copy at any time.


Insurance Billing:

We participate in most insurance plans and will bill your insurance for you. We will assist you in any way we reasonably can to help you get your claims paid. From time to time your insurance may request further information from you directly and it is your responsibility to comply with their requests. Knowing your insurance benefits is your responsibility. Please contact your insurance company with any questions regarding your policy, coverage, or to verify that we are on their list of providers.


Co-payments and Deductibles:

Your co-payment and/or deductible are due at the time of service. Non-covered services are also your responsibility. We accept cash, check, debit card or Visa/Mastercard.



If your account is over 90 days past due, you will receive notice stating that you have 10 days to pay your account in full. Partial payments will not be accepted at this point unless otherwise negotiated. Please be aware that if a balance remains unpaid, we will refer your account to a collection agency and you will be discharged from this practice. If this occurs, you will be notified by regular mail that you have 30 days to find alternative medical care. During that 30 day period, our physician will only be able to treat you on an emergency basis.

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